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Sheila Singam - Human Equation

Sheila Singam is a corporate trainer, coach & consultant on a mission to help others unleash their potential and achieve success. As Human Equation’s principal consultant, Sheila’s specialty is her knack for designing relevant practical solutions for organisations looking to maximise the potential of their workforce. She is much sought after for her training and presentation skills that create a highly interactive and experiential environment throughout her programmes. Her ability to effect mindset change, impart emotional intelligence skills and shift perspectives makes her an inspiring agent for change. She has worked with individuals, government-linked agencies and major corporations across various industries including finance, oil & gas, transportation, property, hospitality, manufacturing, research and other sectors.

Sheila has an Honours degree in Mathematics & Chemistry and a Diploma in Education. She is also a Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Trainer of Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner certified by the Time Line Therapy® Association. Sheila is also certified by the Human Resources Development Fund of Malaysia (HRDF). She has experience in the fields of education, sales, training, consulting and communications and media over the course of a career spanning three decades.

She started her career in education before going into real estate sales training and subsequently moved into journalism, where she honed her communication skills, garnered knowledge on various industries and interviewed a number of well-known personalities while writing for publications that included The Sun, The New Straits Times, The Edge and Malaysian Reserve. After ten years in journalism, she moved into the arena of corporate training and coaching and started Human Equation twelve years ago.  Sheila has also been featured on talk shows on Astro and appears regularly on BFM 89.9 to share insights on enhancing corporate culture and unlocking the potential of people within organisations to achieve accelerated growth.

3 thoughts on “Sheila Singam

  1. Amy

    Good day Sheila. I’d like to please make an enquiry on consultation for myself. I called the office line but there was no answer. It would be great if you would contact. Thanks

  2. Sheila Singam

    Dear Amy,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We sincerely apologise for missing your call. We will be in touch with you via your email. Thank you!

  3. Ratha Krishnan

    Dear Sheila, I need you. Just like you I think I have a lot to contribute to young people. But I’m slowly sliding down a slippery slope. I need someone like you to help change course.


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