Transformational Growth

We believe that organisational transformation can only occur when people are transformed from the inside out.

At Human Equation, we specialise in changing mind sets and getting people to buy into the concept of change that will take both them and the organisation to new levels of performance. We do this by giving you realistic solutions that are customised to your needs.

Our key strength lies in being able to identify, design and deliver exactly what programmes individuals need to help them grow and fulfil the organisation’s business goals. We combine quality training with real-life application to your business environment, ensuring that all our programmes are relevant to your specific needs.
We provide the flexibility for your people to achieve a maximum learning experience through a range of formats, from personalised one-on-one coaching sessions to group programmes.

We also offer a broad portfolio of programmes that can be customised to your needs by utilising real-life case studies and scenarios, ensuring delegates have ready solutions they can apply immediately after training. Some of the programmes we have delivered include the following:


o    Coaching for Results
This programmes imparts powerful techniques that can effect behavioural change and enhance team performance. Includes real life case studies from delegates and role plays to ensure transference of skills.

o    Leading to Inspire
True leaders inspire their people to follow. This programme inculcates the attitudes and skills necessary for dynamic leaders in the growing corporation.

o    Building Cohesive Teams
Teams are made up of diverse personalities with a variety of skills. This programme pulls teams together by building  team spirit and cooperation with sustainable strategies.

o    Managing Change Effectively
Change can be a frightening prospect for employees operating from a comfort zone. This programme can be adapted to teach managers how to implement change as well as to encourage employees to embrace it as a means to grow – a win-win proposition for all stakeholders


o    Selling with Confidence
NLP tools have proven to be hugely successful in enhancing sales success. This programme teaches sales professionals how to incorporate such tools to sell ideas, products and services for exciting results.

o    The Powerful Language of Sales
Sales is about influence and influence is about the right use of language. This programme imparts deep-level language tools aimed at building rapport and influencing customer. decisions

o    Setting Powerful Goals for Success
This programme teaches individuals how to set personal, departmental and organisational goals in a way that will ensure 50% more success in achievement.

o    Quality Customer Service
Using NLP in communication and customer service is a sure fire way to help retain loyal customers. This programme teaches deep level rapport, communication and customer management skills that will ensure return customers for your business

o    Generating New Business Opportunities
In today’s economic scenario, it is important for businesses to be flexible in adapting to changes in the marketplace. This practical programme helps senior management teams to analyse the organisation’s weaknesses and opportunities for growth and to create new income streams and marketing strategies that will ensure sustainable growth


o    Empowering Beliefs for Professional Growth
People with limiting beliefs can’t grow in an organisation. This programme helps eliminate what is holding your people back and assists them in installing powerful beliefs that will take them to the next level of success.

o    Developing Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence Skills
Emotional (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) skills are what will take your people to the next level of maturity and growth in the workplace. This programme aims to increase the EQ and SQ skills of your people through self-realisation and self-evaluation.

o    Motivation to Succeed
This programme looks at the different styles of motivating people. Delegates will learn how to identify the different motivation styles of their people and to adapt to utilise this to get the best out of them.

o    Train the Trainer
Combining concrete training techniques with unique and compelling presentation skills, the content of this programme is set to help you create a tier of skilled trainers to develop your workforce

o    Working With Gen Y
Gen Y are the leaders of the future and the ones you will be handing over our organisation to. This programme gives your older employees the skills needed to adapt to the needs and aspirations of this dynamic segment of the workforce