Working in the Time of Coronavirus

It’s the last Monday of the month, and Sheila Singam joins Freda Liu on BFM over the phone to discuss the lessons she’s learned and observations she’s had about how people have adjusted to working in the time of COVID-19.

Do Motivational Quotes Work for You?

As Abraham Lincoln famously said, “The problem with quotes found on the Internet is that they are often not true”. But, all joking aside, some people genuinely find comfort from motivational quotes, they find that they work for them. But do they work for everyone?

Loving Your Work for a Productive Year

Sheila Singam joins the folks at BFM for the last Monday of the month to run through lessons she discussed over the course of 2019, and how you can use those learnings to love what you do – and get your employees to love what they do, too – in 2020.

BFM Podcast – Managing Difficult Relationships

Managing Relationships by Sheila Singam Whether you are dealing with a difficult person at work or at home, most of us have encountered unreasonable people in our lives. It’s easy to feel ‘stuck’ or allow a challenging person to affect us and ruin our mood or day. Sheila Singam, Human Equation’s Coach uses NLP principles […]

Sereena’s Transformational Journey to Joy

Sereena came to see me three years ago. She was suffering from depression and the psychiatrist had prescribed medication to manage it. She told me that her grandfather, whom she was very close to, had suffered from cancer and that nursing him had taken its toll on her. When her Nana-ji died, she sank into […]