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Human Equation is dedicated to unlocking potential and accelerating growth within your organisation. Our programmes are characterised by the following:

  • Designed to meet specific organisational needs and business goals
  • Incorporates realistic scenarios and examples in industry contexts
  • Extremely engaging and interactive with quality trainers
  • Maximum learning experiences through a range of formats and methods

Invest in your employees and your organisation with Human Equation to unlock the potential of your people for accelerated growth.

Latest Article

Stand Out With Your Story

As businesses have been digitising, more are turning to the wonders of social media marketing; but without a clear narrative, companies may struggle to make potential clients scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube choose their product or service. For the last Monday of the month, Human Equation founder Sheila Singam returns to BFM to speak

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Our Services


Unlock & Unleash Your Potential

Transform your organisation from the inside out with realistic solutions that meet specific needs and business goals.


Bring Out the Best in Your People

Equip your team with the tools to make changes and to maximise potential through a combination of remedial and generative processes.


Build Trust in the Marketplace

Leverage on our comprehensive writing and editorial skills to package your corporate stories in a compelling manner.

NLP Certification

Learn the Language of the Mind

 Equip your team with the tools to make changes and maximise potential through remedial and generative processes.


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