Gurumoorthy Vethiah

Gurumoorthy Vethiah, better known as Guru, has over 25 years of experience in customer service and credit collection in both the banking and telecommunication industries. Whilst his experience began in the sales and marketing of banking products, he went on to develop a special interest in customer service, having earned the deserving recognition of ‘Most Courteous & Efficient Employee’ for three months in a row, during a 6-month campaign. During the financial crisis in 1997, banking sales saw a big shift where managing credit and collections took precedence which then sparked a new passion for credit collections. In line with his new passions, he joined Maxis Collections Sdn. Bhd . 

His career saw leaps and bounds during his time at Maxis with his contributions in the areas of providing excellent customer service, collection and recovery, quality assurance, call centre management, customer experience and cross-selling. One of his most significant achievements came in 2014, when he was part of a team of trainers in collaboration between Maxis & TMI Malaysia who trained about 2,500 Maxis personnel & associates at each and every touch point. This training endeavour was aimed at enhancing the Maxis Customer Experience, which resulted in a tremendous improvement in the Net Promoter Score ((NPS – a score tracked by an independent body to measure the number of customers who are happy with the services and would recommend Maxis’ services to their family and friends). Upon completion of the training in Q2 2015, NPS score was up from -7 in Q3 2014 to +40 in Q4 2015. Maxis recognised the contribution and awarded the team with a special “Great Maxis Award” in 2015. 

He is the Managing Consultant of His Own Consultancy Sdn. Bhd and providing consultancy to 3rd party collection agencies in areas related to collection via customer service centric, cost management and skill enhancement. Guru also provides training in the area of collecting via phone, handling excuses and difficult situations besides customer service. Guru obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management (Majored in Finance) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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