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Sustainable Learning

Ensuring Sustainable Learning and Growth. Using the Bloom model as a guide can help organisations create a new culture, writes Remilla Seereederan. Dr Benjamin Bloom, in wanting to promote higher forms of thinking in designing educational, training and learning processes, came up with Bloom’s Taxonomy in 1956. The goal was that the learner after attending …

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Stand Up, Speak Up

We need to have the courage of our convictions and give feedback if we’re not happy about things Is business etiquette dying in Malaysia? Or are we just reserving it for customers? Even then, many customers would argue the point of whether corporations understand the definition of business etiquette or not. Having been on both …

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Wisdom in Action

What helps me keep myself buoyant in a world of challenges are some success beliefs I practise on a daily basis. They have helped me find meaning in life’s tough circumstances and help me accept people with tolerance and understanding. Here, I’d like to share five of the ones that have had the greatest impact …

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Tomorrow’s People

A few years ago, when conducting a professional development programme entitled “Communicating in the 21st Century” for senior managers in a Malaysian corporation, I brought up the subject of Generation Y, or Gen Y, as they are commonly known. Imagine my amazement when one of the delegates asked, “What is Gen Y?” I had assumed …

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