BFM Podcast – Empowering Beliefs

How do you get rid of limiting beliefs and adopt ones that empower you? Listen to the conversation between Sheila Singam and Freda Liu as aired on BFM 89.9 Empowering Beliefs by Sheila Singam

BFM Podcast: Goal Setting

TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMATION SERIES: Template for Goal Setting This month, we talk to Vicky Ganesan from Vicky G and wrap up this year with how you should set your goals for 2017 and why you should not a have resolutions but templates instead. – BFM, 89.9

BFM Podcast – Coaching Techniques

Sheila Singam shares with Freda Liu in today’s programme on the ‘How’ NLP and Time Line Therapy tools are applied through coaching in real life scenarios. Coaching techniques used with NLP and Time Line Therapy tools are quick to achieve its desired results, elegant and does not involve the client sharing personal uncomfortable sensitive details.


Inspire better results in others, by clearing limiting beliefs and suppressed negative emotions. Lecturer Mahani Abdul Malik shares her experience in the application of NLP and the impact it has had on her students.

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