BFM Podcast – Coaching Techniques

Sheila Singam shares with Freda Liu in today’s programme on the ‘How’ NLP and Time Line Therapy tools are applied through coaching in real life scenarios. Coaching techniques used with NLP and Time Line Therapy tools are quick to achieve its desired results, elegant and does not involve the client sharing personal uncomfortable sensitive details.

Sustainable Learning

Ensuring Sustainable Learning and Growth. Using the Bloom model as a guide can help organisations create a new culture, writes Remilla Seereederan. Dr Benjamin Bloom, in wanting to promote higher forms of thinking in designing educational, training and learning processes, came up with Bloom’s Taxonomy in 1956. The goal was that the learner after attending …

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The NLP Training moved to a new and exciting stage on Day 11 where participants are required to use the tools that they have learnt through Neuro Linguistic Programming during Practitioner and Master Practitioner Programmes to solve problems and issues with other participants. Called “Personal Breakthrough Session”, participants have to find a partner and carry …

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